Let me first give you a disclaimer. This is purely information that has been researched. It has assisted people in the past but at no point do we suggest or condone that you actually follow the cures here. The end-all solution to a medical problem should be visiting your doctor and therefore this website or anyone involved will not and cannot be held responsible for any actions that you take after reading the information provided to you here. We are merely a hub of information for you.

OK, with that said, let’s get to it.

The 2 biggest things that you have to change in your life to solve any type of diabetes are your weight and your levels since they are the biggest factors in the cause of this disease.

Let’s take a look at the weight issues first. Please take a minute and evaluate your current life situation while asking yourself these questions about your daily lifestyle choices.

Are you sitting around the house?

Are you waking up just in time for work?

Are you eating a proper breakfast?

Small questions like that can actually bring you to the realisation that you are not doing enough to keep yourself in a healthy condition even though you think you might be. Now is the time to solve that before you get too old to make any changes and stubborn habits have set in. They are extremely difficult to shift. Make small changes like waking up 30 minutes earlier and doing some home exercises. There are plenty of apps available to be downloaded to your phone or smart device that can help you with this and they will already have tailored programs depending on peoples fitness levels. It’s amazing what an extra few minutes of exercise every day can make to your internal system.

Prepare a healthy breakfast such as porridge or something with wheat bran. Add some fruit in there as well and be sure to skip anything sugary. Wash it all down with a tall glass of water and your engine will be running fine for the day while your body will start clearing out toxins that lie deep within.

When you return home from work, don’t just crash on the couch for the evening. Eat a healthy meal that you enjoy and take a stroll around the neighbourhood or even do those home exercises via your smart device that we mentioned earlier.

Create a meal plan for yourself. Keep it at 80/20. 80% Vegetables or fruit and 20% what you actually like to eat. Combine this with regular, daily exercise and you will notice a change in your body as the weeks go by. Your system will start becoming healthier and in turn, will solve any underlying medical issues that you may have.

The real trick to curing and reversing the effects of diabetes is a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. There is an old saying that says ”Do something today that your future self will thank you for” and I think you now have the power to do that. Start with small changes and gradually move onto bigger changes and you will be amazed by what you can achieve.

The above information about healthy eating covers the lowering of blood sugar levels. Be conscious of what you are eating and you will save yourself unneeded health issues in the future.